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  Name:Beijing wise man Science and
         Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  Adress:305 Guang An Men Wai
            Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing,
             No. 8 District 8 18-layer
  Toll-free telephone:400-996-1528
  Chinse Website:http://www.聪明
Abouts us

    Beijing Smart Man Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the development and sale of clothing treatment, laundry tools and washing consumables. The company mainly uses laundry tools. The main products include zipper washer, clothing scraper, sticky wool energy-saving rotator, button protector, laundry ball, smash ball, various types of laundry brushes and other laundry tools. Special for laundry colleagues to provide suitable for dry cleaners and franchised stores moxibustion number of hot washing tools.Our la...

Upper cleaning brush
Bright nylon down brush
Leather trimmer
Special scraper for stain removal
Belt puncher
Omnipotent laundry brush
Large Electrostatic Brush
Special repair tools for leather garments
Oil-water separator
Leather garment repair tools
Seamless Repair of Leather Garment
Mobile Workbench
Leather sponge
Button protector
Electric stain remover
Small white shoes suit
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